Windmills at Zaanse Schans.

One day trip at Zaanse Schans.

Zaanse Schans is a small picturesque UNESCO listed village full of culture, history and natural beauty as most of the area in North Holland.

At the time, the surrounding Zaan region was an important industrial area and hundreds of windmills there helped produce linseed oil, paint, snuff, mustard, paper and other products.

Many of the village’s characteristic houses are now museums, gift shops or workshops while others are still used as private residences. Some of the Zaanse Schans’ remaining windmills are also open to the public.

It is just one hour driving from Amsterdam Central Station and most convenient way to go is by bus. Of course you can even organise with the many tour operator and shops around Dam Square but it’s gonna be way more expensive.

Bus 391 at Central Station

The bus leaves every 30 mins from Central Station, you should take the number 391  and go down to the last station Zaanse Schans. From the bus station you will easily see the Windmills. There is no entrance fee, you are free to walk around wherever you want.

North Holland traditional windmills

During your tour you will be able to wander about the village itself, visit a cheese factory where it is still to this day made in a traditional way and get the chance to almost step back in time to a place that is full of history and culture unlike any other.

Dutch Cheese is one of the most delicious I’ve tried, don’t forget to taste it with some sauce or blueberry jam and why not a hot chocolate with a waffles or some fries. Awwww so good.

Cheese Factory

Zaanse Schans is located on a river, a very relaxing atmosphere for walking or riding a bike.

Opposite side of the river.

Lot of small canal cross the village and many birds animate the picturesque atmosphere in an unique way. If you are in love with photography you will enjoy and play a lot with those details.

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