Wat Thammamongkhon

Wat Thammamongkhon, the tallest pagoda in Bangkok.

It’s more or less three years that I live in Bangkok and everyday I take Sky Train from Thonglor to Udomsuk, about 10 mins. Quite fast if you consider that by car it can take even an hour. The traffic in Bangkok sometimes can be horrible.

Two days ago, for the first time I was not playing at mobile or sleeping on the train so I had the chance to notice something cool. I found out that from Punnawithi platform there’s an good potential view on the pagoda of Wat Thammamongkhon.

Finally today I went to shot a picture from the BTS station and I ended up to visit the temple.

It is the tallest in Bangkok with its 100 meters tall Pagoda and it is also famous for housing the real hair of Buddha.

The area of the temple is very big and it’s home for meditation and study for many young monks. You will definitely see them around the complex.

Today the temple was very busy because of the Thod Kathin Festival. There were hundreds of people, all wearing white, presenting and giving gift to the monks for preserving the faith.

Unfortunately I did not visit inside the Pagoda, but anyway I suggest this place to everyone that want to see something different from the classic and popular Bangkok temples.

You will have a unique experience with local people.

Here the map on how to reach the temple.