The Green Railway, Bangkok.

The Green Railway, Bangkok

Have you ever heard about it???

It’s a really cool spot located in Khlong Toei district, not to far from Bangkok Downtown.

Very simple to reach, just take a taxi from the nearest MRT, Klong Toei or Lumpini, get off at Loxley Building and once you are there you can easily see the railway, 100 meters.

Yes it’s just a railway, you are right! But it has something special special. It’s completely green, very unusual in Bangkok.

We arrived on the spot around 10 am and after asking to many locals we found out that we were one hour late. The Train usually passes around 9 am, we missed it!!!! Anyway it was good because we had time to take some pictures along the line and to and wait for the next train that was around 11 am.

You won’t be alone, many and many photographers go there everyday for shooting the Train passing through the Green Tunnel, especially during the rainy season.

I definitely suggest this place if you are looking for something unique and different from the common Bangkok touristic areas.

The Green Railway, Bangkok.

Enjoy and show me your best and unique perspectives!!!!

Here below the map. The location is very close from Loxley Building.

Cheers Bros.