Chinese Vegeterian Festival in Bangkok

Chinese Vegeterian Festival in Bangkok.

Every year, for almost a week, all districts around Chinatown celebrate the Chinese Vegeterian Festival. This year the festival was held during the first 10 days of October.

I finished work around 6 pm, I took the MRT and get off at Hua Lampong, from here tuk tuk to Yaowarat Rd. At 7 PM I was there. I had one hour to eat some local vegetarian food, walking around, snapping some pictures and then run to Talad Noi, the old quarter where I enjoyed the Chinese Opera.

I went there two times this year, the first time was on Wednesday and it was perfect. It was not too much crowded but anyway full of all the traditional shops, restaurant and street cart selling every kind of things. From toys to traditional Chinese peanuts desserts and every kind of vegetarian dishes.

What is funny is that every dish you will see, even if it looks like with pork, it’s vegetarian! It’s just fake pork!!!!

You can find the video below, focused on the preparation of this delicious dessert. You have to taste it.

Please find the map with the location.

More about the Chinese Opera in the next post.

Stay tuned. Cheers.