Ramen at Nanase, Thonglor

Ramen at Nanase, Thonglor.

In 1958, instant ramen noodles were invented in Japan, and were first given a name of Chinese origin – “Ramen. They are now popular all over the world.

I’ve never loved Japanase soups until I tried at Nanase Restaurant. It’s a small garage with a cooking station located right before Marriott Thonglor. It looks exactly as a thai tradition noodle shop.

The quality of the dishes and the way the treat the customers make them different from any other street restaurant.  And of course the price, so cheap and good, as Thai people would say ” Tuk Lae Dee”.

Nanase is unique on its soup recipe. Indeed the chicken used to prepare it is around ten times the amount used in the ordinary noodle soup. All the chicken oil is removed during its preparation and that’s the reason why this dish is loved by Japanese women.  It’s not fat at all.

I usually get a Negisoba with Asahi beer, but you will have many other choices and you won’t be disappointed. I guarantee.

Please find the location on the map.