Boat noodles, a must in Ayutthaya. Nai Run Restaurant

Boat noodles, a must in Ayutthaya.

Kuai Tiao Ruea, also known as Boat noodles is a Thai style noodle dish, with a very and unique flavour. It contains pork or beef depending on your choice, as well as dark soy sauce, pickled bean curd and some other spices and it is normally served with pork balls. The soup is usually made with pigs blood and it’s called Nam Tok. This tradition dish is usually served in a small bowl.

Boat noodles have been served since long time ago and they were original served from boats on the Bangkok or Ayutthaya canals. That’s the reason why usually outside the canteen of the restaurant you can still find a real traditional boat.

If you are visiting Ayutthaya you should stop at one of those restaurants and try this delicious dish. Even in Bangkok is a quite popular but not easy to find as in the old capital.

I was in Ayutthaya couple of weeks ago and I suggest you Nai Run Noodle Restaurant. They have a quite basic menu but their noodles and pork balls are more than delicious and huge. The meal is served in a boat shaped bowl. Instead they have a large variety of Ice Thai tea, a perfect refreshment. Awesome!!!!

Here below you can find some pictures and the location of the restaurant. You won’t miss it. There are no other restaurants in the area with such a big pork ball skewers at the entrance.

Here the map!!! Enjoy.