Something about me.

Born and grew up in Como, I now live in Bangkok.

My goal is to show the beauty of breathtaking places as the emotions of people around us.

I am looking for a sense of uniqueness in my work.

Never stop exploring

I started to travel  the world since I was very young  and I’ve never lost this spirit of adventure, it keeps me alive.

“Never stop exploring” is my slogan.

How did I get into Photography?

I got into it when I started Snowboarding. As in all the other freestyle disciplines, filming tricks and editing the different parts is a must and well, I was the photographer/filmer. From the first time I completely felt in love with filming and video editing and I bought my first professional video cam.

Laax, Switzerland

In 2013 I moved to Bangkok and here my love for photography began, I had the chance to meet many great artist and photographers and learn new techniques and tips.

Bangkok is just unique, its diversity, contrasts and cultures inspire me every day.

The view over Bangkok.